About Us

We are a Colombian sportswear brand, created from needs that our ambassador Daniela Ospina, through her experience as an athlete has found in specialized garments to practice physical activities. Based on this, we design and produce clothes that easily adapt to every body and movement.

We specialize in producing versatile and functional garments, we develop different research to offer original designs with textiles, inputs, finishes of the best quality and technology that give our clothes a unique value in the market; and the customer, the best experience of use in sports wear.

We have 3 product lines:

Women’s Line

Line for Girls

Men’s Line

In which you can find: T-shirts, jackets, shears, skirts, dresses, pantaleons, hoodies, stockings and bodysuits.

We have a highly trained team to provide the best customer experience. In addition, we have a minimum return rate of 0.96, which confirms the satisfaction of our customers with the garments they purchase.

We have different sales and distribution channels for our customers to make their purchases in various ways. In addition, because of the agreements we have with our distributors, we reach any corner of the country and virtually anywhere in the world.